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2017 ISA "Member Get a Member" Referral Rewards Program


Member Get a Member

Bring a friend to ISA to share the benefits of networking and professional development opportunities through ISA membership.

From 1 February through 31 May 2017, encourage your fellow arborists to join the global network of tree care professionals during ISA’s Member Get a Member referral rewards program. When anyone you refer joins ISA as a Professional Member, you will earn rewards from ISA!*

Those you refer will benefit from the educational, idea-sharing, and professional development opportunities that ISA membership provides, and you will benefit from an even broader member network of professional, like-minded peers.

*View complete Program Participation Rules

Access the online referral form to submit your referrals.


What is the purpose of the 2017 ISA Referral Rewards Program?

ISA members are our greatest assets and contribute significantly to the value of membership. Every time you recruit a new member, you strengthen ISA. A vital and growing association means greater recognition of the profession, improved educational and networking opportunities for all members, and the advancement of the arboricultural knowledge base.

ISA membership also supports research within the arboriculture industry. Two percent of each membership fee is donated to the TREE Fund for research.

How does the Referral Rewards Program work?

ISA is offering ISA Professional, Senior, Life, and Honorary Life members the opportunity to recruit colleagues and friends to become ISA Professional members. You can recruit individuals who have never held an ISA membership or who have not held an ISA membership for the prior 12 months.

What are the recruitment incentives and rewards I can earn?

Once your colleagues join and pay for membership, you are eligible to receive prizes when you reach the following levels of recruits:

Recruitment Rewards Levels:
  • Recruit 2 new ISA Professional Members – The existing member will receive a Glossary of Arboricultural Terms.
  • Recruit 4 new ISA Professional Members – The existing member will receive a Fandex Field Guide for tree identification.
  • Recruit 6 new ISA Professional Members – The existing member will receive the book, Remarkable Trees of the World.
  • Recruit 8 new ISA Professional Members – The existing member will receive an online course worth up to 4 CEUs.
  • Recruit 10 new ISA Professional Members – The existing member will receive a 12-month ISA Professional Membership.
  • Recruit 20 new ISA Professional Members – The existing member will receive full registration for the 2017 ISA Annual International Conference and will be entered into a drawing for an iPad.

Can I refer myself to earn recruitment credit?

No, you cannot refer yourself. To earn credit for the Referral Rewards Program, you must be either an ISA Professional, Senior, Life, or Honorary Life member and you must recruit individuals who have never held ISA memberships or have not held an ISA membership for the prior 12 months.

How do I refer someone?

a. Simply access the online referral form to submit your referrals.

  • Include your colleague’s name and email address.*
  • Click the email link provided to send them an email which includes a message along with your name, your Member ID number, and email address. (Your friends will need this information to complete the membership application)

b. Once your friends pay their ISA membership dues and include your information, you will receive credit for recruiting them. For each member you are credited with recruiting, you receive credit toward rewards based on the tiers indicated under the Referral Rewards section and in the Program Participation Rules

*Don't have a friend's email address? Use the printable Professional Membership application and deliver it in person. Make sure you include your name and Membership ID number in the "Referred By" space.

Who do I recruit?

You may find it useful to check out the Recruiting Tips for ideas on how to reach out to colleagues and friends to recruit them. Start with your co-workers and then expand to your larger network. Here are some suggestions on the types of individuals you may wish to recruit:

  • A co-worker who could benefit from ISA membership
  • Colleagues interested in professional growth
  • Members of other professional associations
  • A colleague interested in taking a Certified Arborist, Tree Worker/Climber, or Aerial Lift Specialist, Utility Specialist, Municipal Specialist, or Board Certified Master Arborist exam
  • New college graduates eager for career advancement
  • Anyone who has never held an ISA membership or has not held an ISA membership for the prior 12 months

Start recruiting new members today—the more members you recruit, the more you will be rewarded.

I gave my colleague my ISA Member ID number, but he/she did not use it to join ISA. Can I still get credit for recruiting this colleague?

No, if your colleague did not use your ISA Member ID number, you will not earn credit for recruiting that individual. For you to earn recruitment credit through the Referral Rewards Program, your colleague must enter your full name and your ISA Member ID number when joining.

What if I don’t remember my ISA Membership ID number to include on the referral?

If you use the ISA online referral form, you must log in. Once you are logged in, your name and ID number will automatically be populated in the email that will be sent to the person you are referring.

If you are not using the online system and are providing the individual a printed form, you can locate your ISA Member ID number in the email you received from ISA when you paid your membership, on your membership card, or on the ISA website under My Membership (Member ISA Member/CSID)

If I encouraged my colleague to join ISA before the 2017 program start date, can I get recruitment credit?

To earn recruitment credit through ISA’s Member Get a Member program, your colleague must be a new ISA Professional Member who has referenced your Member ID number during the membership application process between 1 February and 31 May 2017.

How will I know if I have successfully recruited a new member?

ISA will track your referrals in our database. You may contact ISA Customer Service to find out if any of your referrals have successfully been recruited to join as an ISA Professional Member.

Receive global recognition. In addition to the rewards listed above, we will also celebrate the top recruiter and other prize winners by sharing their names and stories on our website and through our social media channels.

When will I receive my reward if I earned one?

As stated in the Program Participation Rules, ISA will announce winners and reward recipients on the ISA webpage, social media, and via other ISA communications. Winners and reward recipients will be notified directly by the end of June 2017. See Program Participation Rules

Additional Questions?

Check out the Recruiting Tips and Program Participation Rules for more information, or contact the Customer Service Team at or +1 217.355.9411.

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