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Edgar Carpenter

Ed Carpenter, BS, AS, NATS Certified Instructor, Certified Arborist, CEAS As owner of C.O.R.Ergonomic Solutions, Ed Carpenter leads the company in its mission to reduce debilitating musculoskeletal disorders among athletes working and playing in the vertical realm. Ed has developed an integrated approach to educational injury-prevention, where health and wellness can be implemented on the job site, instead of in the gym.  Ed holds a BS in urban forestry from University of Massachusetts, Amherst and an AS in arboriculture from the Stockbridge School of Agriculture Amherst, MA and is a lead instructor and Northeast Operations manager for North American Training Solutions (NATS). Ed has been working in trees all his life. The physical challenges of working and playing in extreme environments are intense and Ed knows all to well, how a single injury can change a worker’s life forever, witnessing from a young age his father’s near death injuries, while working in the woods.
CorErgonomic Solutions, Douglas, MA, United States