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Joe Jimmo

Joseph A. Jimmo is the Field Safety Training Manager for Penn Line Service, a utility contractor based in Western Pennsylvania. Joe coordinates activities of 11 safety trainers embedded with the Company’s vegetation management operations in key geographic areas, and manages the design of safety-related learning for formal training of some 1,000 employees on a semi-annual basis.

Joe has been with Penn Line for 17 years, and has used his considerable field experience to advance a positive workplace culture based on safe work practices. He was instrumental in implementing the Company’s first-ever skill verification process, and—as a strong advocate for employee development—articulated an early vision of professionalism for tree trimmers that underlies today’s training-pervasive environment.

Joe represents Penn Line on industry standard-setting committees, including the Utility Line Clearance Coalition (ULCC) and the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) where he serves as a voting member for the second revision of the ANSI Z-133 standard.  He is a Certified Tree Care Safety Professional (CTSP), and has held multiple accreditations in work zone safety, including as a multi-state instructor.