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Climbers' Corner

Climbers' Corner

Optimizing Biomechanics of the Production Arborist
Tuesday, 11 August 2015
2:35 PM — 3:20 PM
Trade Show Floor
A, T, L, Bp

The tree worker in conducting a pre-job hazard survey evaluates tree biomechanics. Tree biomechanics can be influenced by cracked limbs, hollow trunks, and decaying root systems and are red flags to the tree worker indicating the tree may be unsafe or unstable. Pain, tingling, weakness and cramping are indicators that the tree worker’s musculoskeletal system has been compromised, altering the biomechanics of the worker and increasing the risk of an injury.  This talk will focus on the tree worker’s biomechanics and common abnormalities seen in the industrial athlete.

Optimizing the tree worker’s biomechanics can increase productivity and reduce injury risk. Demonstration and instruction in basic exercises and stretches to enhance the biomechanics of the tree worker will be included. 

Presenter Information

    • Edgar Carpenter

      Ed Carpenter, BS, AS, NATS Certified Instructor, Certified Arborist, CEAS As owner of C.O.R.Ergonomic Solutions, Ed Carpenter leads the company in its mission to reduce debilitating musculoskeletal disorders among athletes working and playing in the vertical realm. Ed has developed an integrated approach to educational injury-prevention, where health and wellness can be implemented on the job site, instead of in the gym.  Ed holds a BS in urban forestry from University of Massachusetts, Amherst and an AS in arboriculture from the Stockbridge School of Agriculture Amherst, MA and is a lead instructor and Northeast Operations manager for North American Training Solutions (NATS). Ed has been working in trees all his life. The physical challenges of working and playing in extreme environments are intense and Ed knows all to well, how a single injury can change a worker’s life forever, witnessing from a young age his father’s near death injuries, while working in the woods.
      CorErgonomic Solutions, Douglas, MA, United States
    • Amanda Carpenter

      Amanda Carpenter, PT, DPT, CProT, CEAS, With a doctorate in physical therapy from Simmons College in Boston, MA; an MS in physical therapy from Nazareth College of Rochester, NY; and a BS in health science, as well as certifications in professional training and ergonomic assessment; Dr. Carpenter is an expert in the science and practice of ergonomics working with industrial athletes. She is a lead trainer with CORErgonomic Solutions, where she designs programs to optimize the health and productivity of industrial athletes. She strives to educate the workforce on their responsibilities in preventing injuries. She also owns and operates Carpenter Physical Therapy, an orthopedic physical therapy clinic in upstate NY.

      CorErgonomic Solutions, Douglas, MA, United States

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