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Educational Sessions

Plant Health Care

Maximizing Your Pest Management Strategies
Wednesday, 12 August 2015
8:30 AM — 9:20 AM
Osceola Ballroom A
A, T, M, L, Bs

Every tree care business has a unique set of capabilities, customer expectations, and pest management philosophies. This means that each business needs to carefully categorize where to put their pest management emphasis.  Tree pests can be sorted into three management categories:  1) pests that are not harmful to tree health or detrimental to customer expectations, so they do not need to be managed; 2) pests that cause serious harm to trees but management is no longer possible or is beyond the capacity of tree care professionals; and 3) pests that can and should be managed and should form the core of tree care services.  Determining which category each tree pest fits is a creative exercise that should be undertaken each year to be the most productive and profitable each season.  This presentation uses real-life case studies to guide participants on sorting trees pests into proper categories to help participants plan their company's overall pest management strategy.

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Presenter Information

    • Joe Boggs
      Joe Boggs is an Assistant Professor with Ohio State University Extension and Ohio State University Department of Entomology. He has 20+ years of Extension experience working both with the public and the tree care industry; he serves on the Board of the ISA Ohio Chapter. Joe specializes in tree health management with a strong focus on tree problem diagnostics including diagnosing and documenting tree pest problems and their effective management. He has a B.S. degree in Biology/Chemistry and a M.S. Degree in Entomology. Joe has a weekly radio segment (Buggy Joe Boggs Report) on the Saturday morning show, “In the Garden with Ron Wilson,” (WKRC, Cincinnati) that is syndicated to 30 radio stations in 12 states. He averages over 80 professional presentations per year covering a range of topics from tree pest management, to tree borers, to tree galls, to non-native pests including Asian longhorned beetle. He has made invited presentations at the 2013 Iowa Shade Tree Conference, the 2013 Wisconsin Arborist Association Summer Conference; the 2013 Ohio Forest Health Conference; and the 2013 Michigan Green Industry Association Annual Trade Show and Convention, the 2014 Kentucky Arborist Association Conference and he has taught at previous ISA Annual International Conferences in Rhode Island (2009), Chicago (2010), Toronto (2013), and Milwaukee (2014). Joe has authored or co-authored numerous articles in industry newsletters and magazines such as Tree Care Industry Magazine; Arbor Age; American Nurseryman Magazine; Canadian Groundskeeper Magazine; American Nurseryman Magazine; Total Landscape Care; the Ohio Nursery and Landscape Association "The Buckeye" Magazine; and the Ohio ISA Chapter "Buckeye Arborist" Newsletter.