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Topics in Urban Forestry

Humans: The Largest Threat to Urban Tree Survival
Tuesday, 11 August 2015
3:30 PM — 4:10 PM
Osceola Ballroom A
A, M, Bm
Trees are an integral component of many urban sustainability goals across the United States.  And yet, high urban morality rates have long been attributed to the harsh growing environment of these urban areas.  This begs the question: are we winning the battle, but losing the war?  An ongoing longterm study at Casey Trees in Washington D.C. is examining the survival rates and correlations among factors affecting growth, longevity and survival.  The cause of death for most of these trees it linked anthropogenic factors.   With an increase in urban population density, the time to ensure a healthy urban canopy for generations to come is now. 

Presenter Information

    • Jessica Sanders
      Jessica has a passion for the urban forest and her research has focused on developing and enhancing current urban forestry practices in order to better manage the urban interface. She joined Casey Trees in July 2012.

      Casey Trees, Washington, DC, United States