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International Perspective

Sharing Tree Assessment Data with Public
Tuesday, 11 August 2015
8:30 AM — 9:20 AM
Osceola Ballroom A
A, M, Bm
Conducting a proper tree inventory is a vital skill for all professionals in arboriculture.  Political, social, and financial issues are major considerations when assessing the impact of any individual tree.  Informing the general public of risks associated with each tree in the public realm is an important part of management in tree care including bracing and cabling, pruning, and removals.  Through collaboration between research institutes, tree owners, and arborists in the Czech Republic the web portal, has been created. is an intuitive site allowing exchange of information between all parties involved in the fate of public trees and consists of several modules covering prescribed tree work, tree valuation, inventory of pest issues (fungi, insects, etc.), cabling/bracing inventory and management and offers the opportunity to record all work prescribed as well as completed for the history of the tree.  This presentation will introduce attendees to this important online tool that can assist them in efficient and accurate inventory management including data entry from the field and use of satellite imagery for accurate mapping.     

Presenter Information

    • Jaroslav Kolařík

      Research Assistant at Department of Wood Science, Mendel University in Brno (CZ). Ph.D. in urban tree physiology. Managing director of company SAFE TREES, Ltd. and a forensic expert in the area of tree risk assessment and tree value calculation. Coordinator of the project "Standards for the Nature and Country Care". Vice president of the certification board of national program "Czech Certified Arborist”. 

      Consulting arborist since 1991 and teacher of Arboriculture since 1999 (Czech Tree Acaademy, Melnik, Czech Agricultural University, Prague, Mendel University, Brno, Slovak University of Agriculture, Nitra). Author and editor of several books on tree care and tree assessment. 

      SAFE TREES, s.r.o., Rosice, ČESKO, Czech Republic