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Tree Academy Workshops

Tree Academy Workshops

The 23 Questions of Plant Diagnostics - A Process to Sharpen Your Diagnostic Skills
Sunday, 09 August 2015
9:00 AM — 12:00 PM
Gaylord Palms®, Tampa
A, T, M, L, Bs

Have you ever asked yourself – “what is wrong with that plant?”  This three-hour hands-on workshop will walk you through the diagnostic process using an extensive number of samples, case studies, and the 23 Questions of Plant Diagnostics. The workshop is modeled after programs given throughout the U.S. and Canada at conferences and to tree care, nursery, and landscape companies.

Plant problem diagnostics is key to good tree health care management and a precursor to proper and effective arboricultural treatments. Environmental, cultural, pest, disease, chemical injury and other problems will be addressed throughout the program. The workshop will be presented as a team approach allowing for interaction in smaller groups with samples and case studies, followed by a catharse of the larger class and sharing of small group diagnostic discussions.

Sharpen your plant scene investigation (PCI) skills and strengthen your ability to determine what is wrong with that plant. 

Presenter Information

    • Amy Stone
      Amy Stone is an Agriculture and Natural Resources Educator for OSU Extension in Lucas County, with a focus on invasive species and the plant diagnostic process.  She coordinates the Master Gardener Program and is a member of the ENLT Team.  Amy is a regular author for the Buckeye Yard and Garden Line.  She is also co-coordinating the OSU Green Industry Short Course that is offered in collaboration with The Ohio Turfgrass Foundation.   
      Extension, Ohio State University , Toledo, Ohio, United States 
    • Joe Boggs
      Joe Boggs is an Assistant Professor with Ohio State University Extension and Ohio State University Department of Entomology. He has 20+ years of Extension experience working both with the public and the tree care industry; he serves on the Board of the ISA Ohio Chapter. Joe specializes in tree health management with a strong focus on tree problem diagnostics including diagnosing and documenting tree pest problems and their effective management. He has a B.S. degree in Biology/Chemistry and a M.S. Degree in Entomology. Joe has a weekly radio segment (Buggy Joe Boggs Report) on the Saturday morning show, “In the Garden with Ron Wilson,” (WKRC, Cincinnati) that is syndicated to 30 radio stations in 12 states. He averages over 80 professional presentations per year covering a range of topics from tree pest management, to tree borers, to tree galls, to non-native pests including Asian longhorned beetle. He has made invited presentations at the 2013 Iowa Shade Tree Conference, the 2013 Wisconsin Arborist Association Summer Conference; the 2013 Ohio Forest Health Conference; and the 2013 Michigan Green Industry Association Annual Trade Show and Convention, the 2014 Kentucky Arborist Association Conference and he has taught at previous ISA Annual International Conferences in Rhode Island (2009), Chicago (2010), Toronto (2013), and Milwaukee (2014). Joe has authored or co-authored numerous articles in industry newsletters and magazines such as Tree Care Industry Magazine; Arbor Age; American Nurseryman Magazine; Canadian Groundskeeper Magazine; American Nurseryman Magazine; Total Landscape Care; the Ohio Nursery and Landscape Association "The Buckeye" Magazine; and the Ohio ISA Chapter "Buckeye Arborist" Newsletter.
    • Jim Chatfield
      Jim Chatfield is an Associate Professor and Extension Specialist with OSU Extension, with statewide responsibilities for outreach to the professional green industry nurseries, landscapers, etc.), with consumer horticulture including Master Gardener Volunteer training, and community forestry. Professor Chatfield is tenured in the Department of Extension and is part of the Department of Horticulture and Crop Science and the Department of Plant Pathology in the College of Food Agriculture and Environmental Science.  Chatfield is the Coordinator of the 35 member multidisciplinary OSU Extension Nursery Landscape and Turf Team that partners with the over $10 billion dollar green industry in Ohio and works with urban foresters, communities, schools, and researchers focusing on the environmental, economic and social benefits of trees. His teaching centers on plant problem diagnostics, plant selection and plant pathology and applied research focuses on disease resistance evaluation of ornamental plants in Ohio and in plots around the country and street tree evaluations in Ohio.  
      Extension, Ohio State University , Wooster, Ohio, United States
    • Erik Draper
      Erik Draper is a Commercial Horticulture Educator for The OSU Extension in Geauga County, located in Burton, Ohio.  One of Erik's major emphasis and specialties is to actively use teach, develop and refine all critical thinking skills necessary to diagnose biotic and abiotic plant disorders and phytoforensics.   As a commercial horticulture educator, Erik also conducts research in Wooster, Ohio on crabapples, evaluating the impact of multiple diseases, insects, bloom timing and duration on the overall impact on whole plant aesthetics.  Erik has written numerous articles regarding trees, plant diagnostics and sensible pruning for the American Nurseryman and Fine Gardening magazines.
      Extension, Ohio State University , Chardon, Ohio, United States
    • Curtis Young
      Curtis Young is an Extension Educator with OSU Extension in VanWert County and covers agricultural field crops, forage crops and livestock production; is the Master Gardener Volunteer Coordinator; full-time lead editor of the Buckeye Yard and Garden Line (BYGL) Newsletter; part-time lead editor of the Crop Observation and Recommendation Network (CORN) Newsletter.  Young enjoys the area of landscape pest and plant problem diagnostician, is a nature photographer, and Entomologist.
      Extension, Ohio State University , Van Wert, Ohio, United States
    • Cynthia Meyer
      Cindy Meyer is the Agriculture and Natural Resources Educator for Ohio State University Extension in Butler County.  She specializes in consumer and commercial horticulture, teaching classes throughout Ohio, and working with spectrum from green industry businesses to home gardeners.   She is a member of the ENLT Team and a weekly contributor to the Buckeye Yard and Garden Line (BYGL).  She is a graduate of Ohio State University and West Virginia University.  She lives in Lebanon, Ohio with her husband and two-year old son.
      Extension, Ohio State University , Hamilton, Ohio, United States
    • Pamela Bennett
      Pam is the State Master Gardener Volunteer Coordinator for Ohio and Horticulture Educator and Director for OSU Extension in Clark County.  Her responsibilities include providing leadership for the OSUE Master Gardener Volunteer program consisting of more than 4,000 volunteers and conducting consumer and commercial horticulture programs.  Pam specializes in herbaceous ornamental plant trials and evaluates more than 200 varieties of annuals and two genera of ornamental grasses; she presents programs on annuals and perennials as well as other landscape topics locally, statewide, and nationally.  Pam is the co-author of the newly-published book Garden-pedia, An A-to- Z Guide to Gardening Terms, writes a weekly gardening column.  Pam teaches in Ohio, nationally, and internationally on a variety of horticulture topics ranging from annuals, perennials and woody ornamentals, vegetables, plant diagnostics, to plant maintenance as well as volunteer management topics.  
      Extension, Ohio State University , Springfield, Ohio, United States

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