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Trees and the Elements

Lessons Written in the Wind
Wednesday, 12 August 2015
12:20 PM — 1:00 PM
Osceola Ballroom A
A, U, M, Bm

Lessons Written in the Wind

Micro-bursts in 2010,  Hurricane Irene in 2011 and Super-storm Sandy which arrived in late October, 2012 caused major damage along the east coast of the USA and particularly on Long Island, New York.  These events provided a close look at the effects of extremely high winds on trees of varying species, condition/health, size and location.  While unexpected storms and their aftermath do not make for good controlled experiments, many of the trends and results point to issues that should be addressed in the future planning for tree care, removals and preservation.  Salt intrusion from flooding, desiccation from salt wind, soil failures causing the toppling of healthy oaks and torque related injuries in tree crowns have led us to conclude that not only do trees in poor condition need to be assessed and removed prior to failure.  Even healthy trees with adjacent targets should be looked at critically in light of current climate change and the increased probability of violent storms.  Plant selections for new trees, community forest decisions, pruning strategies and tree preservation efforts need to factor in climate issues, target assessment, soil types, potential wind-tunnel effects and irrigation in specific locations.  Landscape architects and arborists must use the lessons of their experience and observations of extreme weather to plan for the removal, preservation and planting of trees wisely.

Presenter Information

    • Richard W Gibney
      Richard William Gibney is a New York State registered landscape architect, an ISA certified arborist and president of Gibney Design Landscape Architecture, PC and in Wading River, New York. He holds degrees from SUNY Farmingdale and Cornell University. He is the past president of the New York State Council of Landscape Architects, the Design Professionals Coalition of Long Island and the NY Chapter of ASLA. He is a trustee with the Planting Fields Foundation since 1999 and he currently serves as a trustee with the North Shore Public Library in New York. Richard was awarded the title True Professional lf Arboriculture by the ISA in 2014. 

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