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    Climbers' CornerTree Academy

    Chainsaw Safety, Ergonomics and Safe Handling


       For Arborists and other tree workers, the chainsaw is one of the most important tools we use. Today’s professional chainsaws are very smartly and ergonomically designed with a number of built in safety features. When used properly the chainsaw is a safe tool that can help improve our productivity on the job. Unfortunately when used improperly or by untrained personnel the chainsaw is also a potentially dangerous piece of equipment. Understanding some of the nuances of how a chainsaw is designed can help us not only work more safely and productively but also not have to work as hard.

       This presentation will cover setting up a safe worksite, proper use of PPE and the ANSI Z-133 Standard as it pertains to chainsaw use. We will also look at the ergonomic design and proper handling and stance when operating a chainsaw. Many saw users not only expose themselves to more risk through improper handling they also increase the likelihood of back problems and soft tissue injuries. We will cover the primary safety features of the saw and gain a better understanding of the reactive forces of a running chainsaw. Proper starting techniques will reduce wear and tear on both the saw and the saw user. This presentation is a must for new and experienced chainsaw users alike.


    Rip Tompkins, MCA  
    Safety & Productivity Trainer
    ArborMaster Training Inc.  
    Little Compton, RI  

    Rip has been in the Tree Care Industry for the past 29 years. He is co-owner of ArborMaster, a company specializing in safety, skill and productivity training for the tree care industry. Rip is an MCA (Massachusetts Certified Arborist) and ISA Certified Arborist and past president of the MAA (Massachusetts Arborist Association). After winning the International Tree Climbing Championship (ITCC) in 1996, he was the Head Judge and Chairman of the ITCC for the next 12 years. He remains a member of the ITCC Rules Committee and a Special Advisor to the European Tree Climbing Championships (ETCC) Operations Committee. He is a researcher and innovator of climbing, chainsaw, rigging and rescue systems, author of numerous articles and training videos and a member of the ANSI Z-133 Committee. Rip has conducted training programs extensively across North America as well as Europe, Australia, New Zealand and Singapore. 

    Climbers' CornerTree Academy

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