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    Green Infrastructure - How does urban forestry fit in?


    In Europe, North America and other parts of the world, the role of trees and green spaces in urban development has gained increasing attention. An important innovation has been the wider acceptance and implementation of the 'green infrastructure' (GI) concept, which attempts to bring green space at the same level as other types of essential urban infrastructure. GI is rapidly gaining ground as a planning concept at different levels, and both within and outside cities. The European Union, for example, recently issued an important policy note on GI implementation.

    Although the innovation of GI is undeniable, it also raises a debate about the future role of urban forestry. Many of the basic premises and strengths of urban forestry reflect those of GI, but have not always been recognised at the same planning and political level. Urban forestry should be regarded as an important delivery mechanism for GI and links overall planning and governance to biological and arboricultural knowledge. Moreover, urban forestry has great potential in providing necessary links between biological, social, cultural and economic components of GI, where the latter often remains rather abstract and general.

    This presentation discusses the present status of GI planning across the world. It also illustrates ways of adding an urban forestry component to GI, e.g. based on initial findings from a new European research project on green infrastructure, biocultural diversity and ecosystem service provision (GREEN SURGE). Hands-on opportunities for urban foresters and arborists to engage in the GI agenda will be provided.


    Cecil Konijnendijk van den Bosch heads the Department of Landscape Architecture, Planning and Management at the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences. He is also part-time professor of green space management at the University of Copenhagen. Cecil is editor-in-chief of the journal Urban Forestry & Urban Greening and has published widely on urban forestry, green space governance, and the social and cultural roles of nature in urban society. He is currently president elect of AREA and a member of ISA's Science and Research Committee.

    Climbers' CornerTree Academy

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