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    Climbers' CornerTree Academy

    Energy Saving Trees: Nature's energy efficiency solution


    Energy-Saving Trees is a turnkey program with the Arbor Day Foundation that provides energy efficiency, positive community relations, and education to residents on the best place to plant a tree on their property. The program fosters improved customer satisfaction andsubstantial positive media attention for community improvement while providing an authentic tangible solution to reducepeak demand and energy consumption.

    A focus on how this fulfills the low income energy efficiency (LIEE) requirements as well as the effectiveness of several programs will be reviewed. The second version of the program including analytics and administrator functionality will also be shown. It is a meaningful presentation on the significance that trees can play within multiple different areas of utility companies.  




    Jared Carlson is a successful entrepreneur who has been dedicating his efforts towards saving the rain forests and working towards using trees as an avenue for solving global problems. To date Jared has been instrumental in preserving 52 million square feet of rain forest and setting in motion the saving of over 80 million kilowatt hours in energy consumption. The Arbor Day Foundation in the past year alone has planted and distributed 15 million trees. Through developing self-sustaining programs that deliver benefits to the consumer, the Arbor Day Foundation looks to leverage business to effect change in our world.

    Climbers' CornerTree Academy

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