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    How Tree Biomechanics Influences Tree Stability


    A double diameter can carry eightfold loads: thus, shape and size of a cross-section are more important than material properties, such as stiffness and density.
    A defect covering 20% of a cross-section can lead to 60% strength loss, while 60% loss of cross sectional area can mean only 20% less load carrying capacity;: thus, location of decay is far more important in terms of strength loss than size of the defect.
    Consequently, a basic understanding of biomechanical properties is prerequisite for being able to assess relative strength loss due to decay in trees and to evaluate safety and risk. In addition, depending upon the tree, the site, and all other conditions, the most appropriate method for examination has to be selected.


    Frank Rinn

    1982-1988         Physics study at Giessen and Heidelberg University
    1986-1988         Diploma thesis at tree-ring lab of Hohenheim University
    1988-present    RINNTECH: development of equipment for tree and timber inspection, as well as wood and tree-ring analysis.

    Inventor / developer of:
        RESISTOGRAPH(R) resistance drill
        Arbotom(R) sonic tomograph
        LINTAB tree ring stage
        DynaTim dynamic tree analysis

    2001- ISA Chapter Germany Executive Director
    2011- ISA Board Of Directors

    Climbers' CornerTree Academy

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