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    Climbers' CornerTree Academy

    Tree Inventories in Mexico


    Since 1987, we have been applying tree inventories in Mexico—at first for research purposes, and then for research and practical management purposes. Several differences exist between the amount of data, the budget to collect the information, and the method of numbering the trees. This presentation will discuss the different types of tree inventories and their results, including some comparisons made 17 years later with the same trees in the same sites. Results obtained applying UFORE and i-Tree inventories in several boroughs also will be presented, dealing with air pollution removal and carbon storage by trees.

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    Alicia Chacalo. Professor. Universidad Autónoma Metropolitana–Azcapotzalco. Mexico. D.F.

    Dr. Alicia Chacalo-Hilu has been a professor at the Mexico City Metropolitan University since 1982. She teaches ecology, tree management, and environmental problems to students in the environmental engineering program. Dr. Chacalo-Hilu’s research interests include: tree inventories; tree roots; and urban soils. She is a coauthor of several books and coordinator of the Spanish version of the ISA Certification Study Guide. Dr. Chacalo-Hilu is an ISA Certified Arborist and the founding president of the Mexican Association of Arboriculture.


    M. Sc. Jaime Grabinsky. Professor. Universidad Autónoma Metropolitana–Azcapotzalco. Mexico. D.F.

    M. Sc. Guadalupe Sandoval. Universidad Autónoma Metropolitana–Azcapotzalco. Mexico D.F.

    Environmental Eng.  Laura Arriaga. Universidad Autónoma Metropolitana–Azcapotzalco. Mexico D.F.

    Climbers' CornerTree Academy

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