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    Climbers' CornerTree Academy

    "Trees Are Good" --- Making the Tree Message Relevant for the 21st Century


    The “Trees Are Good” message was developed by ISA because it evokes a  deep seated, visceral reaction by most people, appealing to their emotional ties with trees. Most will agree with arborists that “Trees Are Motherhood” and are an easy sell to residents and industry alike. Industries in particular are increasingly demonstrating their portability in seeking to locate in jurisdictions where labor may be cheap and the political regime stable, but also where the environment is clean and green. But as “good” as trees are, they do require maintenance, can be subject to insects and other pests, and can stand “in the way” of urban infrastructure and development. In some cases trees are also easily scapegoated for any number or infrastructure ailments – from foundation damage to roof deterioration by those who seek the tree as “the culprit.”

    Over the years, Tree Canada – a relatively small but influential NGO – has developed a number of communication tools to help convey the “good” but complex message of trees including:

    • Basic information on the species of trees that grow in Canada
    • The benefits of trees to society to both citizens, politicians and the corporate sector,
    • The benefits of utilizing professionals including ISA Certified Arborists to take care of this resource
    • The use of new technology to best convey these messages as widely as possible.


    Michael Rosen is the President of Tree Canada - a national not-for-profit who develops programs in partnership with the private and public sectors, communities and individual Canadians to maintain a healthy environment through sustaining urban and rural forests. He led Tree Canada’s transition to private sector support, facilitated its first Forest and Urban Tree Carbon Project Protocol, participated in its first international project in Armenia and successfully advocated for federal recognition for a National Tree Day for Canada. Previously, he was a Forester and a Stewardship Coordinator with the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources.

    A long time member of the ISA and a Certified Arborist, Michael participated in the National Capital Commission’s Dutch Elm Disease control programs as a student in the National Capital Region. He has been a strong advocate for the inclusion of urban forests in the Canadian forestry world and is on many Boards including: Faculty of Forestry U of T,Ottawa’s Cité Collégiale, Ottawa Valley Chapter of the Canadian Institute of Forestry, Ontario Forestry Association, and the Ontario Professional Foresters Association.  He is a member of various historical and forest history societies.

    Michael graduated with a B.A. in History from Trent University, a B.Sc.F. from the University of Toronto and a Diploma in the Ontario Advanced Forestry Program from U of T and Lakehead University.

    He is an avid canoeist and cross-country skier and has visited both Finland and Armenia. He lives with his family on one acre of “paradise” in Cantley, in the Gatineau Hills of Québec. One of his favourite trees is yellow birch.

    Climbers' CornerTree Academy

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