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    Climbers' CornerTree Academy

    Redirects in Rope Systems: Load Dissipation between Natural Anchor Points in Trees


    Redirects are used in work positioning by climbers or to design rigging systems. But the effect on branches as natural anchor points is not well understood. Redirects dissipate load within the crown. The loading experienced by the main anchor and the redirect point were measured during a study and visualized in diagrams. The presentation will point out differences in load dissipation during several climbing actions and quantify the loading of the anchor points. Arborists will gain better understanding of how the application of redirects can alter the loads anchor points are exposed to and thus may increase or decrease the likelihood of failure.

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    Andreas Detter, Brudi & Partner TreeConsult, Gauting, Germany

    With more than fifteen years of experience as a practical arborist, Detter holds an engineering degree in Landscape Design. As an appointed expert court witness and co-founder of Brudi & Partner TreeConsult in Munich, Germany, his chief occupation of the past ten years has been consulting. Andreas Detter is a member of sag-Baumstatik, an international association of consultants in tree statics. He is active in the European Ropes Courses Association, promoting awareness of tree biology and tree statics in the construction of forest adventure parks. Detter has spoken at international conferences and is the author of publications on tree-statics, cabling, and physics in climbing and rigging. He was a co-developer of the educational software Rigging 1.0. He teaches at the University of Applied Sciences in Weihenstephan, and held workshops and presentations in the U.S. and several European countries. Andreas Detter has guided research projects on arborist safety and tree stability funded by the British Health and Safety Executive and Forestry Commission as well as the TREE Fund's John Hyland's Grant Program.

    Climbers' CornerTree Academy

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