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    Partnerships in Urban Forest Management: The Winnipeg, Manitoba Story


    Dutch elm disease (DED) was first detected in Winnipeg in 1975. For over 37 years, the City of Winnipeg has actively managed an integrated DED management program like no other city in North America. To this day, Winnipeg maintains the largest elm population in any North American city, currently estimated to be approximately 140,000 elms. The success of Winnipeg’s program is due to the fact that key stakeholders identified the threat of the disease to the city’s urban forest well before the disease was discovered in Winnipeg, which led to the early establishment of long-term partnerships and the commitment to maintain an integrated pest management program to protect our urban forest from DED. These partnerships provide financial, operational, research, and community support to the City of Winnipeg. The preservation of our elm population has become ever more important as we prepare for new invasive pests, particularly emerald ash borer (EAB). Our long-standing partnerships are aiding our preparations for EAB, and in preserving the health of an urban forest that grows on the Canadian Prairies and has inherently low species diversity. As our urban forests continue to encounter threats from additional and even more destructive invasive pests, the creation and fostering of these partnerships are critical in maintaining the quality of life we expect in our communities.


    Martha Barwinsky, M.Sc., ISA Certified Arborist


    Martha Barwinsky is City Forester for the City of Winnipeg. She has worked in arboriculture and urban forestry for over 15 years, wearing a variety of hats as a researcher, instructor, practicing arborist and consultant, executive director of a non-profit community urban forestry organization and urban forestry operations supervisor for the City of Winnipeg.

    Climbers' CornerTree Academy

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