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Best Practices

This monthly video podcast provides quick tips from ISA's library of resource manuals and Best Management Practices booklets, covering topics ranging from soil texture to chainsaw safety. twice a year a CEU quiz worth 1 CEU credit will be available for purchase covering the previous six month's podcasts.

NameReleasedDescriptionAudio FileCEU Quiz
Manual Root Crown Excavation April 07, 2017 This month’s Best Practices podcast focuses on an often forgotten area of tree inspection; the root crown. A simple root crown excavation can reveal a wealth of potential problems, and when done and mulched, provide a needed safety buffer zone around the tree. The available quiz covers this episode, plus the previous episodes of Chainsaw PPE, Chainsaw Safety Features, Setting up a TPZ, Measuring DBH, Soil Texture(1 CEU-A,M,Bp)(.5 CEU-T,L) Play

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Chainsaw Safety Features March 03, 2017 The safety features on a modern chainsaw help keep the user safe and should be checked every time you pick one up. This month’s best practices runs through a quick list of what to look for before starting the saw. Play

Measuring DBH February 03, 2017 Diameter at breast height (DBH) is the standard for measuring a tree. This video covers this basic but important technique and tools used. Play

Soil Texture January 06, 2017 Understanding soil texture can help in selecting species for a planting site, and can help determine site limitations that may impact tree health. Play

Setting Up a Tree Protection Zone December 02, 2016 Trees on or near a construction site face many challenges to survive and thrive, but with some simple planning and adequate protection trees can outlive the construction process. Play

Personal Protective Equipment November 04, 2016 Safe use of a chainsaw starts before the first pull on the starter cord. Having the proper personal protective equipment is as important as using the proper cutting techniques. Play


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