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Climbing and Rigging

This ArborPod™ series offers videos that can help an arborist identify parts of a line; select and use the appropriate knots; and learn about other equipment, resources, and techniques valuable in a variety of climbing and rigging scenarios. Click on the headphones above to subscribe to this series!

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NameReleasedDescriptionAudio FileCEU Quiz
Basic Blocking Techniques part 1 May 22, 2015 Piecing out a large stem with no rigging points above the work requires the proper use of ropes and blocks. Rip Tompkins walks you through part one of Basic Blocking Techniques. Play

Knotless Rigging & Speedline April 24, 2015 Efficiency and speed are the end results of combining knotless rigging with a speedline in removing small to medium size limbs. Rip Thompkins walks you through this time and energy saving combo of techniques.(A,U,M,T,L,Bp) Play

Knotless Rigging March 27, 2015 Looking to increase your efficiency dropping small or medium limbs? How about eliminating a time consuming step; tying knots. Rip Thompkins walks you through a knotless rigging system. Play

Speedline with Redirect & Ground Anchor February 27, 2015 Ken and Rip put several techniques together to fly out a large limb to a safe landing zone away from a traditional anchor point. Play

Climbing and Rigging - Floating Anchor January 23, 2015 Ken Palmer demonstrates creating an anchor point when you don’t have a tree right where you need it. Play

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Speedline part 2 December 26, 2014 In part two of “Speedline” Rip Thompkins points out the hardware and rigging in use to fly out a large limb from the top of a tree. Play

Speedline part 1 November 26, 2014 Ken Palmer and Rip Tompkins show a safe and effective way to speed-up moving large limbs from tree to ground with a re-directed speedline. In part 1 Ken lays out the hardware and ground set-up needed to safely fly large pieces of wood down from the top of a tree. Play

Spider Balancer and Drift Line part 2 October 24, 2014 Rip Tompkins completes the delicate task of lowering a large multi-limbed branch away from obstacles using a spider balancer rig and drift line. This episode completes the two part series on this complex rigging scenario. Play

Spider Balancer & Drift Line-part 1 September 26, 2014 Large multi-limbed branch to remove with targets below? Rip Tomkins walks you through part one of the Spider Balancer and Drift Line Techniques in this episode of Climbing and Rigging Play

Static Removable False Crotch August 22, 2014 How do you cut the forces on a limb in half and increase rigging efficiency? Watch as Ken Palmer demonstrates the installation of a Static Removable False Crotch on a limb high overhead. Play

Drift Line July 25, 2014 How do you lower a large cut limb without disturbing the branches below? Rip Tompkins demonstrates the drift line technique using two anchor points to fly a limb to a safe landing spot. Play

Fishing Pole Technique June 27, 2014 What do you do when you have to rig out a large limb with no anchor points above the work? Ken Palmer explains the Fishing Pole Technique that reduces forces in a system while safely rigging large sections of a limb for removal. Play


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