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Experienced Tree Climber

Location: Phoenix, AZ
Salary: Qualified Climbers will earn a starting pay of $20-30/hr + benefits

Primary function: Serve as a team member of a tree care crew with the primary responsibility of climbing to prune and remove trees. Also perform other duties as needed to help the Crew Leader and other crew members successfully complete assigned work.

Responsibilities: Perform the following required duties in support of specific job assignments as directed by the Crew Leader or Sales Representative.

    • Conduct all work in compliance with industry safety standards and best management practices.

    • Perform specific tree and shrub maintenance service such as pruning.

    • Perform specific plant health care service such as fertilization.

    • Remove trees using safe and acceptable rigging practices.

    • Pick up, stack and carry brush and large pieces of wood.

    • Use selected hand and power tools.

    • Operate brush chipper and stump grinder.


    • Communication – Ability to communicate in English to effectively and safely perform job responsibilities. Ability to quickly respond to verbal and visual signs when communicating with other crew members.

    • Operation and Control – Ability to use hand tools and power equipment in a safe and responsible manner.

    • Physical Demands – Ability to lift and move up to 75 pounds. Ability to perform all job duties in varying weather conditions, including temperatures above 100 degrees Fahrenheit.


    • Experience – At least 2 years’ experience climbing professionally.

    • Skills – Qualified applicants will be required to complete a skills assessment.

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22425 N 16th St, Suite 2
Phoenix, Arizona 85024


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