This program was designed as a way of recognizing the high level of commitment and dedication to the industry that is involved in maintaining your ISA credential. Eligible credential holders may join this program as they look toward retirement, serving as a great example of how tree care can become a professional career path and how trees and their benefits can bring joy and well-being to our communities.

Credentialing Hall of Fame

Alan J. Cherry Bill Herbst
Carl Absher Dwayne Walker
Gerald J. O'Dell James W. Harris
Jeff S. Schroeder Jim Glazebrook
John Listoe Ken Baker
Len R. Newsom Norman G. Washington

How to Join the Credentialing Recognition Program

Eligibility for Consideration

  • ISA Credential Holder in good standing for the past 24 years.
    • We will only require 6 of the 8 cycles for consideration.
    • This is meant to accommodate any potential military service and or health issues during that time frame.
  • Have never had an ethics charge ruled against them.
  • The current certification cycle can be included as part of the 24 total years, however the Credential Holder must complete the CEU requirements for their last certification cycle.
  • Must complete and submit an application for consideration.

What the Program Offers

  • Retirement of your Cert ID to ensure it is never used again.
  • Certificate of Appreciation and recognition from ISA verifying your achievement.
  • Name included in the ISA Credentialing Hall of Fame in an issue of Arborist News.
  • Name included on the ISA website Credentialing Hall of Fame.

Program Requirements

  • The applicant must forfeit their credential and may no longer identify themselves as an ISA Certified Arborist or Credential Holder.
  • Once approved for the program, the applicant will no longer be eligible to sit for any future credentialing exams.
  • The applicant's Cert ID will be retired on the first day of the expiration date of the certification cycle in which the application is approved.
  • Applications will be accepted, reviewed, and approved by the ISA Director of Credentialing according the program eligibility requirements.


To submit an intent of application to this program, please email us at

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Stand up and be recognized for your expertise in tree care and continuous dedication to your profession and your community.

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