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ArborMaster I Climbing Techniques DVD
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  • ArborMaster I Climbing Techniques DVD
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CEUs are available for this product.

ArborMaster I Climbing Techniques DVD and Workbook


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International Tree Climbing Champions Ken Palmer and Rip Tompkins present this six-lesson, in-depth training series on climbing techniques. Supplemented with a study guide containing CEU quizzes and answer sheets, completion of the six lessons with a score of 80% or greater on each ISA quiz will earn a total of six CEUs*, or one CEU per lesson. (©1997, each lesson approx. 20 min.)

6 CEUs (A, U, T, M, L, Bp)

ArborMaster I Climbing Techniques lessons include:

    Introduction to Belay: Equipment and Techniques - Demonstrates and discusses use of the Muenter hitch, deaf figure-8, rescue-8, micropulley, and GriGri for belaying the ascent and descent of a climber. (1.0 CEU*)

    Introduction to Climbing Techniques and Equipment - Exhibits use of the seat, leg strap, and flowing D-style tree climbing saddles. Demonstrates the micropulley, split-tail system, and redirect. (1.0 CEU*)

    Introduction to Secured Footlock: Equipment and Techniques - Demonstrates ascent and descent on a climbing line using the secured footlock and Prusik loop techniques and the figure-8 knot. Discusses advantages and limitations of these techniques. (1.0 CEU*)

    Climbing Knots and Hitches - Includes instruction on several types of knots and hitches including the Prusik, tautline, Blake’s, and more. Explains best situations for using various knot and hitch styles. (1.0 CEU*)

    Introduction to Ropes: Care, Construction, and Limitations - Explains the construction and specific uses of different kinds of rope as well as recommended care and maintenance. (1.0 CEU*)

    Introduction to Throwline: Equipment and Techniques - Demonstrates throwing techniques and related equipment, and discusses practical uses of the throwline. (1.0 CEU*)

*These CEU credits may be earned only once during the life of your certification.

Additional workbooks may be purchased separately

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