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    ISA Rate Increase Notification

    Professional Development for less than your daily cup of coffee

    ISA strives to provide maximum benefits and value to our members and credential holders. To ensure continual provision of these benefits and allow for expansion of services, the fees ISA charges for ISA Membership and Certification need to provide financial sustainability for the organization while remaining affordable for the professionals we serve.

    For your assistance, we’ve assembled some useful information about the recent fee increases. We hope that you continue to enjoy the many benefits of ISA Membership and ISA Credentialing and look forward to serving you in the years ahead!

    Common Questions

    What are the price increases?


    • Beginning 1 January 2017, the price for members to be ISA Certified increased $20.00 USD.
    • Beginning 1 January 2017, the price for non-ISA Members to be ISA Certified increased by $30.00 USD


    • Beginning 1 January 2017, the price for an ISA Membership increased by $5.00 USD.
    For a full description of the 2017 Member and Certification Rates, click HERE.

    When did the rate increase take place?

    • All rate increases went in to effect on 1 January 2017.
    • All payments received postmarked by 31 December 2016 were processed at the old rate.
    • All payments received postmarked on or after 1 January 2017 will be processed at the increased rate.

    ISA Headquarters was closed from 23 December – 2 January. Will I be required to pay the increased amount if I mailed my enrollment, recertification, or membership payment during this scheduled time?

    • All payments received postmarked by 31 December 2016 were processed at the old rate.
    • All payments received postmarked on or after 1 January 2017 will be processed at the increased rate.

    When was the last time ISA increased its fees?


    • It has been since 2008 that ISA has implemented increases in enrollment or recertification fees!
    • Computer-based testing administrative fees were raised by $25.00 USD in 2015 to cover Pearson VUE's increase only.


    • The last time ISA Membership fees increased was in 2012.

    Why are the prices being increased?


    • We hope you have enjoyed the added value recent program improvements provide, such as the CTW merger and a revamp of the BCMA exam.
    • New credential holders and those who recertify are receiving an updated ISA Credential ID card that can be used to market themselves and their ISA certification along with other new branding services.
    • We’ve made maintaining your credential even easier with ISA’s convenient online access. Visit the CEU Portal to get started!


    • Your time is important to us! We continue to work toward lowering your call wait time and increasing our service to you.
    • Need resources that fit your own schedule? Use the online version of ISA Publications and the Online Learning Center to increase your knowledge!
    • ISA is continuing to add value to our membership through partnerships and programs with outside groups. Be sure to utilize your member discounts on Certification and CEU opportunities.
    • Join the ISA network and connect with more than 23,000 members worldwide. To look for your next networking opportunity, visit the Events Calendar today!

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