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The 2015 ITCC Tampa Experience

Check out the highlights of the expanded activities of the 2015 International Tree Climbing Championship held in Tampa, Florida, March 21-22. The climbing competition, workshops, Arbor Fair and Expo - something for everyone! >>Read more

Seeking Tree Appraisal Input

Do you appraise trees? The Council of Tree and Landscape Appraisers (CTLA) is actively working on the 10th Edition of the Guide for Plant Appraisal. To ensure that the Guide will be useful to arborists, representatives of the Council are soliciting information from arborists who do appraisals. If tree appraisal is part of your business, please follow this link to the appraisal survey to provide information on the types of appraisals you do and the methods that you use. Thank you!

Come Along with ISA to the Sunshine State

The ISA Annual International Conference and Trade Show in Orlando, Florida, August 8-12, offers valuable educational programming in a self-contained resort venue that features hotel rooms, conference facilities, family activities, restaurants, and opportunities for networking with professionals from around the world. >>Read more

Certification Central: Getting Post-approval for CEUs

If a course or other event is evaluated by ISA for CEUs before it takes place, the method for obtaining the pre-approved CEUs has already been established before you attend. If you wish to receive ISA approval to earn CEUs for a course or other type of training that you have already attended, it takes a little diligence, but can be worth the extra effort. >>Read more

Upcoming Tree Climbing Championships

European Tree Climbing Championship (ETCC)– 2015 July 4-5, Monza, Italy. Volunteer now. Asia Pacific Tree Climbing Championship (APTCC) – 2015 July 25-26, Singapore. Volunteer now.

WAA Members Investigate Arborist Apprenticeship Program

For close to a year, members of the Wisconsin Arborist Association (WAA) have been working on a formal investigation to initiate an apprenticeship program in the State of Wisconsin. Pending approval, this program would be designed to engage qualified professionals to mentor, coach, and train arborist apprentices within a structured training system. For more information, read "Arborist and Urban Forestry Apprenticeship Project" by Hal Zenisek on pages 18-19 of the Spring 2015 issue of The Wisconsin Arborist.

TREE Fund Update

Read the April 2015 issue of the TREE Fund Bulletin and learn about the free webinar on April 28 where John Z. Duling Grant awardee Dr. Rich Hauer (University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point) will discuss the economics of managing the EAB based on his research. Also, TREE Fund President/CEO M. Janet Bornancin announces her retirement after 10 years of leadership and service to the TREE Fund.

ISA Product Spotlight

Do you live in an area where the care and maintenance of palms is part of your daily work? If so, we have an excellent resource for you, as well as a Consumer Brochure for your customers. And did you know that we have four Best Management Practices booklets and The Glossary of Arboricultural Terms available in Spanish? Just another step in the development of a universal arboriculture language. >>Read more

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