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U.S. Forest Service Honored for iTree, Announces New Mobile Software

Tree Canada and the City of London, Ontario, Canada, honored the U.S. Forest Service at the recent 10th Canadian National Urban Forest Conference with an award for its work on the development of iTree. The City of London also planted a tree to honor U.S. Forest Service Chief Tom Tidwell for his ongoing support of the program and his leadership to support adaption of the program for Canada. The Chief and a team of iTree Executive Committee members – David Nowak, Jerri LaHaie, Scott Maco, and Jim Skiera – helped a team of Canadians, including City Forester Ivan Listar, John McNeil, and John Wilson, plant the tree while on a bike tour of several of London's parks.

U.S.Forest Service-London,Ontario

Following receipt of the award, U.S. Forest Service Chief Tom Tidwell announced the release of new mobile software that helps urban planners, homeowners, and students quantify the value of their urban forests. Earlier versions of the award-winning i-Tree software suite made forest management easy and accessible for millions of Americans. Now, with i-Tree version 5.0, the Forest Service and its partners have increased not only the suite of tools available, but the range of devices that can use it, including smartphones and tablets. The software is completely free for download. i-Tree allows users to easily and accurately find the dollar value of the benefits provided by urban forests, including energy cost savings, storm-water capture, and city pollution absorption.

“Urban forests are vital and dynamic forests,” said Tidwell. “They clean our air and water, and they make our cities more beautiful and livable. i-Tree exemplifies the Forest Service's commitment to supporting the health and productivity of all of the nation’s forests, including those that line our city streets.”