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ISA Committees and Committee Chairs

Each committee at ISA has a special focus and is comprised of members who have special expertise or talent in that particular area of focus. To learn more about any of these committees, contact the committee chair listed.

Annual Conference Program Committee

  • Purpose: Planning and implementation of annual conference educational agenda
  • Chair: Paul Ries, Oregon Dept. of Forestry, Salem, Oregon U.S.A.
  • Contact: E-mail, Phone: +1.503.945.7391

Arboriculture & Urban Forestry (AUF) Editorial Board

  • Purpose: Provides review for content of periodical
  • Chair: Gary Watson, Morton Arboretum, Lisle, Illinois U.S.A.
  • Contact: E-mail, Phone: +1.630.719.2415

Arborist News Editorial Board

  • Purpose: Provides review for content of periodical
  • Chair: Sharon Lilly, International Society of Arboriculture, Champaign, Illinois U.S.A.
  • Contact: E-mail, Phone: 1.888.472.8733 Ext. 209

Awards Committee

  • Purpose: Solicitation of nominations and recommendation to the Board for award finalists
  • Chair: Lauren Lanphear, Forest City Tree Protection Co Inc, S. Euclid, Ohio U.S.A.
  • Contact: E-mail, Phone: +1.216.381.1700

Best Management Practices Committee

  • Purpose: Provides input for revision and maintenance of the ANSI A300 standards and develops Best Management Practices
  • Chair: Tom Smiley, Bartlett Tree Research Lab, Charlotte, North Carolina U.S.A.
  • Contact: E-mail, Phone: +1.704.588.1150 ext 123

Certification Board

  • Purpose: Provides management and oversight for ISA certification programs and related policies
  • Chair: Skip Kincaid, Davey Resource Group, St. Louis, Missouri, U.S.A
  • Contact: E-mail, Phone: +1.217.355.9411

Conference and Events

  • Purpose: Reviews all events the ISA currently manage and organize both voluntary and commercially
  • Chair: Melinda Myers, Melinda Myers LLC, Milwaukee, Wisconsin U.S.A.
  • Contact: E-mail, Phone: +1.414.617.5477

Development Committee

  • Purpose:The development committee ensures that the organization’s total development program is in concert with the organization’s strategic direction and needs. The committee serves as the mechanism by which board members and other volunteers are involved in the fund raising process.
  • Chair: Geoff Kempter, Asplundh Tree Expert Company, Grand Rapids, Michigan U.S.A.
  • Contact: E-mail, Phone: +1.215.915.3998

Educational Goods and Services Committee

  • Purpose: Supports development of educational programs and products
  • Chair: Greg Ina, Davey Institute, Kent, Ohio U.S.A.
  • Contact: E-mail, Phone: +1.330.673.9511

Finance/Audit Committee

  • Purpose: Provides oversight for financial matters
  • Chair: Michael Marshall, Marshall Tree Farm, Morriston, Florida U.S.A.
  • Contact: E-mail, Phone: +1.352.528.3880

Governance and Bylaws Committee

  • Purpose: Provides maintenance and monitoring of ISA Governance Documents
  • Chair: Michelle Mitchell, Oakland Community College, Lapeer, Michigan U.S.A.
  • Contact: E-mail, Phone: +1.810.441.5522

Hispanic Committee

  • Purpose: Support for needs and concerns of the Hispanic sector of the profession
  • Chair: Carlos Javier Llanos Rojas, Bogotá, Colombia
  • Contact: E-mail, Phone: +57 1.630.3233

International Safety Committee

  • Purpose: Develops input for revision and maintenance of the ASC ANSI Z133 and other similar national and international safety standards
  • Chair: Brian Phelan, Scotia Horticulture Solutions, Beaverbank, Nova Scotia, Canada
  • Contact: E-mail, Phone: +1.902.865.4028

International Tree Climbing Championship Committee

  • Purpose: Provides development, maintenance, and operations support for the ISA International Tree Climbing Championship program
  • Chair: Scott Prophett, Loganville, Georgia U.S.A.
  • Contact: E-mail, Phone: +1.404.217.9780

Membership Committee

  • Purpose: Support the development of membership programs for services, recruiting, and retention
  • Chair: Ian Scott, Davey Resource Group, Shoreline, Washington U.S.A.
  • Contact: E-mail, Phone: +1.206.714.3147

Nominating and Elections Committee

  • Purpose: Solicitation and review of nominees for ISA volunteer leadership positions; oversight of ISA elections
  • Chair: Mark Hartley, The Arborist Network, Shanes Park, NSW, Australia
  • Contact: E-mail, Phone: +02.9835.1234

Plant Appraisal and Valuation Committee

  • Purpose: Addresses appraisal and valuation issues for the ISA membership
  • Chair: Joe McNeil, Pleasant Hill, California U.S.A.
  • Contact: E-mail, Phone: +1.925.676.5232

Public Relations and Marketing Committee

  • Purpose: Supports outreach, sponsorship, and partnership efforts
  • Chair: Greg Frank, Ted Collins Assoc Ltd, Victor, New York U.S.A.
  • Contact: E-mail, Phone: +1.585.924.7105

Science and Research Committee

  • Purpose: Advocate for the importance of research within ISA and the greater academic community
  • Chair: Brian Kane, UMass Dept of Environmental Conservation, Amherst, Massachusetts U.S.A.
  • Contact: E-mail, Phone: +1.413.545.6637

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