Past Conference Details

Year Location Local Chair Attendees Theme
2017 Washington, D.C., US Alan Jones 1750 One World Under One Canopy
2016 Fort Worth, TX, US James Carse 1745 Deep in the Heartwood of Texas
2015 Orlando, FL, US Don Winsett 1401 Where the Trees Meet the Seas
2014 Milwaukee, WI, US David Graham 1903 Great Trees on a Great Lake
2013 Toronto, ON, Canada Paul L. Kobold 1587 Trees & People: Growing Stronger Through Diversity
2012 Portland, OR, US Terrence P. Flanagan 2142 Trees: A Global Necessity
2011 Parramatta, Australia Robert Sutton 834 Trees Down Under
2010 Chicago, IL, US Gary Watson 2217 Building the Roots of Arboriculture
2009 Providence, RI, US H. Dennis Ryan 1556 Sailing into the Future of Arboriculture
2008 St. Louis, MO, US Tim Gamma 2186 Gateway to the World of Arboriculture
2007 Honolulu, HI, US Kevin Eckert 1852 Catch the Wave of Global Arboriculture
2006 Minneapolis, MN, US Don Mueller/Ralph Sievert 2174 Hooked on Trees – Arboriculture Up North
2005 Nashville, TN, US Steve Ketner 2317 Trees in Tune
2004 Pittsburgh, PA, US John Smith 2100 Bridging Technologies for Trees of Tomorrow
2003 Montreal, QC, Canada Bruno Paquet 1882 Tree Stories – Histoires d’ arbres
2002 Seattle, WA, US Julian Dunster 2463 Old Growth and New Technology
2001 Milwaukee, WI, US Ken Ottman 2605 A Festival of Trees
2000 Baltimore, MD, US Don Blair 2443 B2K Is Okay
1999 Stamford, CT, US Bartlett/Hayner 1753 75th Anniversary - Celebrating Our Roots
1998Birmingham, EnglandD. O’Callaghan1252Discover Old World Arboriculture
1997Salt Lake City, UT, USAlex Morris1463Frontiers in Arboriculture
1996Cleveland, OH, USL. Lanphear1812Arboriculture Rocks the Forest City
1995Hilton Head, SC, USGary Mullane1443Southern Hospitality On an Island of Trees
1994Halifax, NS, CanadaSteve King1198Arbor Navigation - 70 Years on Course
1993Bismarck, ND, USPaul Blumhardt1123Blazing New Trails in Arboriculture
1992Oakland, CA, USKen Meyer1428Discover Arboriculture
1991Philadelphia, PA, USR. McConnell1524Branching Out to Shape the Future
1990Toronto, ON, CanadaN. Rothenberg1172ArborOdyssey
1989St. Charles, IL, USLarry Hall1201Tree Cheers for Arboriculture
1988Vancouver, BC, CanadaJames Clark986Arbor Pacifica
1987Keystone, CO, USRonald Morrow1089Adventures in Arboriculture
1986San Antonio, TX, USWalterscheidt755Arboles para el Mundo
1985Milwaukee, WI, USR.W. Skiera1036Trees and People Need Each Other
1984Quebec, QC, CanadaMarc Laurin865Arboriculture 2000
1983Indianapolis, IN, USN.P. Engledow723Trees + Environment = LIFE
1982Louisville, KY, USLarry Lose820Trees For Today and Tomorrow
1981B.Falls, MI, UST.J. Haskell736A Tree ‘ISA’ Thing of Beauty
1980Hartford, CT, USH.J. Cran, Jr.670Conserve Energy ... With Trees
1979San Diego, CA, USRobert Pletcher594Tree Awareness ... Our Survival
1978Toronto, ON, CanadaMel Melnike825'78 Crusade for the Preservation of Trees
1977Philadelphia, PA, USRC McConnell782Tree Care Keeps Our Nations Green
1976St. Louis, MO, USF.L. Dinsmore756Trees Form an Archway to the Future
1975Detroit, MI, USLeslie Toth714Our Growth Shades the World
1974Atlanta, GA, USCM Alexander866Fifty Golden Years and Growing
1973Boston, MA, USD. Warren, Jr.903Boston Tree Party
1972Newport Beach., CA, USW.T. Bell784Trees - Our Survival Legacy
1971Montreal, QC, CanadaY. Desmarais877Trees In Our Environment
1970Rochester, NY, USF. R. Micha861
1969Portland, OR, USR.R. Stevens630
1968Chicago, IL, USN.B. Wysong625
1967Philadelphia, PA, USH.R. Johns806
1966Cleveland, OH, USJohn Michalko769
1965Washington, DCRay Gustin, Jr.816
1964Houston, TX, USO.J. Andersen472
1963Toronto, ON, CanadaJ.A. Kimmel703
1962San Francisco, CA, USK.L. Davey519
1961Minneapolis, MN, USG.J. Lucking614
1960Boston, MA, USK.F. Amalia705
1959Detroit, MI, USW.I. Meyers812
1958Asheville, NC, USH.C. Wilson702
1957Philadelphia, PA, USJ.C. Kenealy716
1956Toronto, ON, CanadaF.E. Martin664
1955Santa Barbara, CA, USVan Rensselaer587
1954Atlatnic City, NJ, USWinston Parker624
1953Chicago, IL, USN.B. Wysong597
1952Boston, MA, USK.F. Amalia601
1951Cincinnati, OH, USE.W. Sanford578
1950Syracuse, NY, USW.R. Herrmann493
1949Baltimore, MD, USH.S. Clopper490
1948Milwaukee, WI, USC.L. Wachtel541
1947Cleveland, OH, USChas. F. Irish645
1946Boston, MA, USE.W. Kiggins551
1944Pittsburgh, PA, USW. P. Morrow185
1942Chicago, IL, USA.E. Price245
1941Washington, DCH VanWormer379
1940Detroit, MI, USJ.M. Bennett392
1939New York, NY, USN. Armstrong447
1938St. Louis, MO, USV.I. Shield274
1937Baltimore, MD, USH.S. Clopper391
1936Boston, MA, USH.L. Frost419
1935Phil., PA, USJ.G. Heinicke261
1934Pittsburgh, PA, USR. M. Weakley128
1933New York, NY, USH Vaughn-Earnes185
1932Rochester, NY, USL.C. Allyn77
1931Yonkers, NY, USNG Armstrong282
1930Cleveland, OH, USChas. F. Irish167
1929Brooklyn, NY, USH.H. Graves115
1928Washington, DCF.L. Mulford60
1926Philadelphia, PA, USAFW Vick70
1925Boston, MA, US42
1924Stamford, CT, US33