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Licensed Plant Health Care Technician

Location: Phoenix, AZ
Salary: Starting Pay: $18-28/hr + benefits

Primary function: The Spray Technician serves as member of the PHC Department with the primary responsibility of applying chemicals for disease and insect control using the most environmentally sustainable products and application

methods possible. Other duties include root collar examinations and fertilization plus supervision of other Spray Technicians and Trainees.

Responsibilities: Performs all required spray services in support of specific PHC assignments as directed by the Plant Health Care Director or Sales Representative.

PHC Technicians need to demonstrate ability to:

    • Follow work order instructions carefully and consistently
    • Use clear handwriting and documentation
    • Perform all required PHC duties including administration, scheduling, inspections, sampling, treatments, inventories, equipment maintenance, record keeping and customer relations
    • Follow all safety procedures to store, mix, transport, apply and dispose of chemicals in compliance with government and industry regulations
    • Understand and adhere to label directives on each product
    • Work efficiently alone and with others
    • Maintain clean driving record


    • Licensing -- Compliance with all government and industry licensing requirements.
    • Communication -- Ability to communicate in English with customers and employees to effectively and safely perform job responsibilities.
    • Operation and Control -- Ability to use vehicles, equipment and tools in a responsible and safe manner to minimize risk of personal injury and reduce repair and maintenance costs.
    • Physical Demands -- Ability to regularly lift and move up to 75 pounds. Ability to perform all job duties in varying weather conditions including extreme heat.


    • First 90 days: Acquire OPM license to apply pesticides – Licensed applicator with the Office of Pest Management -Turf and Ornamental, Right of Way. Become knowledgeable in tree, pests and disease identification.
    • Second 90 days: Become Certified in Sustainable Landscape Management (SLM) with the Arizona Landscape Contractors Association (ALCA).
    • Within 1 year: Become a TCIA Certified Plant Health Care Technician

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22425 N 16th St, Suite 2
Phoenix, Arizona 85024


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